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1. Protein Tools
A biotech company providing wide array of proteins {Cytokines Chemokines Grwoth Factors Neurotrophins Hormones Enzymes and Viral Antigens} for life science and research markets...
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2. MTS Cryo Stores
Biobanking and biorepository service offering off site sample storage in ultra low...
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3. Tiny Mosquito - Understanding the Mosquito
Provides information about the mosquito related diseases such as west nile virus and...
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4. The Octopus News Magazine Online (
The ultimate resource on all matters pertaining to octopus squid cuttlefish...
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5. BearPlanet
Polar Bear on BearPlanet along with Grizzly Big Bear Panda Black Kodiak Brown. BearPlanet covers all aspects and attributes for all species o...
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6. Animal Corner
A place where you can get to know lots of interesting facts about different animals from all over th...
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7. Antibodies - Genetex
As your trusted antibody partner GeneTex now offers newly developed antigen affinity purified antibodies to...
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8. Cleaver Scientific Ltd
UK based manufacturers and suppliers of Electrophoresis equipment Electroblotters and other laboratory tools used in DNA sampling and Molecular Science. Based...
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9. Cambridge DNA Services
Offers autosomal DNA ("admixture") mtDNA ("motherline") and Y-DNA ("fatherline") tests for use in personal ancestry research. Uses a geographic...
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10. LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments
Develops innovative high quality lab instruments. Among these are fermenters and bioreactors for cell culture as well as peristaltic and syringe pumps fraction...
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